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Interview Questions


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Question for Professions

Tell us something about yourself ?
This is the most frequently asked question for which you need to have a short statement prepared in your mind. Be careful not to sound rehearsed. Lay more stress on the job related skills rather than personal details. Include your work experience (if any), educational qualifications & little information about your family background. This is an open ended question and can help you in taking the interview in which ever direction you want it to go.

What do you know about this organization ?
This is a most pertinent question and you need to do some research on the organization before you appear for the interview. Find out about their history, where they have been and where they are going. You should also find out the current issues and who are the major players.

How would you describe the ideal job ?
Ideal job for me would encompass warm environment with individuals working independently towards team goals or individual goals. Minor elements such as dress codes, cubicles & the level of formality are the least of my concerns. Most important to me is an atmosphere that fosters attention to quality, honesty, and integrity.

Some of my interests include dogs, hiking, water sports, writing, reading especially fiction novels, drawing, crafts, and computers.

What are your strengths ?
You could reply to this question by speaking about the most effective strength you have and which has always come useful to you. You could mention that the ability to teach myself difficult material, regardless of the subject is one of the most important strengths I possess.

What are your weaknesses ?
You could mention that you have a tendency to try and do many things which leaves very little time for yourself. You could also mention that you are striving to maintain a balance for the last several months which is slowly yielding results.

Are you ambitious ?
You can say that I am very ambitious in the more pragmatic way that I don’t like to get a feeling of stagnancy. I always strive to get new experiences and learn new things.

Are you ready to relocate ?

You need to use a bit of diplomacy and finesse for this question. Do not close the discussion at the earlier stage by saying a direct "No". What you can say is that for a right position and right company relocation should not be a problem.
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