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Interview Questions


Frequently Asked Behavioral Interview Questions


Question for Professions

At the time of developing Behavioral Interview Questions, the employers usually consider the soft skills that will be needed for the position. It is not always the academic or experiential knowledge that counts when appearing for an interview. Therefore, while preparing for this type of an interview, the job seekers must consider all these skills as well.

There is a conventional three step process build for answering behavioral questions, known as ‘STAR’:

1. The Situation or Task you were in
2. Action that you took
3. Result of that action

The questions normally included in these behavioral interview sessions are constructed in a manner as to check the interviewees comfort level and categorized to get a feedback on the interviewee’s reaction to particular situations. Listed are some situations based on which questions are asked:

• Based on Adaptability and Ambition
• Based on Analytical Thinking
• Base on Building Relationships
• Based on caution and Communication
• Based on Conflict Resolution and Decision Making
• Based on Evaluating Alternatives and Flexibility of Decision
• Based on Leadership, Motivation and Organizational Skills
• Based on Problem Solving and Interpersonal Skills
• Based on Self Assessment, Stress Management and Time Management Qualities
• Based on Business Systems Thinking and Customer Orientation
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