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Interview Questions


Job Interview Guidelines on Corporate Finance Management


Question for Professions

Corporate finance management interview is a type of job interview that is concentrated on the financial status of a corporation. A finance manager is in charge of a section or division of the corporation tasked with the management and protection of the fiscal resources of the organization.

Business cases or word problems are the usual questions on the interview, which their not actually looking for the right answer but on how confident the applicant on justifying his answer. Quantitative skills may be asked to be demonstrated during a corporate finance management interview. Inquiries on the topics of calculating the “yields-to-maturity” might be asked to all fresh candidates whose just starting their career while calculation of cost of capital might be added to those candidates who already had an experienced in financial management.

Every aspiring finance managers might also be asked questions evocative of those school math examinations. The purpose is not how an applicant was able to know the answer but more important is how they cope up with the answer, while strategy and business philosophy are their focus of probing questions when the applicants are candidates for senior corporate finance executive positions. They will be asked for suggestion on how they will be a good strategic partner and their goals for the corporation once they become the senior executive of the company.
The role of the corporate manager is the deployment of corporate resources in accordance with the ever-changing world. Business units focus on improving profitability and extension of scope. The vantage point of corporation can have a wide range of opportunities for improvement. Linkages among businesses should be exploited and white spaces between these businesses should be filled.

These are just among the areas of discussion that might be included in a corporate finance management interview. Questions in the interview might be absurd but these are just to test the justification of the applicants.
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