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Interview Questions


General Sample Interview Questions


Question for Professions

Questions are synonymous to interviews. These start the minute the interviewer begins with the interview. In order to qualify well in an interview & get an edge over other interviewees, you need to be prepared not only for the general questions but also the unexpected ones.

There are certain questions which every interviewer is interested in getting an answer to regardless of the post or profession for which you are applying. These are called general interview questions which may mostly include a brief introduction about yourself, your family & education background, details about your previous job, interests, ambitions & skills & other such general details.

Interviews are often accompanied by nervousness & tensions & chances are that you may be flustered by even the simplest of questions. Thus, a little pre-preparation is always helpful. Featured here are some of the most frequently asked questions that you can refer before appearing for any kind of interview.
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