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Regardless of the number of interviews you may have attended in the past, every new interview is challenging. This is because each interview brings with it a new set of interviewers to handle & an endless list of questions regarding what you know & what you don’t. While some questions require a frank response from you, for others you may need to be diplomatic.

In order to handle this efficiently, you need a thorough preparation. In fact, preparation is the key to a successful interview. A careful preparation before appearing for an interview ensures that you are relaxed & confident at the time of the actual interview & are not perplexed by unexpected questions.

While appearing for any interview, your prime aim is to satisfy & convince the interviewer so that he can consider you for the particular post. Also, you need to be tactful in presenting your weaknesses in a positive way because you cannot afford to be fired even before you are hired. Here are some tips that can help you satisfy your employer & at the same time cover up your weaknesses at the time of an interview.
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