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Interview Questions


Emulating Mock Interview Exercises


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A mock interview is an emulation of an interview and is useful for preparing candidates to train well for the interview. Such an interview attempts to resemble the real interview as closely as possible, and provides experience for the candidate. It helps give the candidate confidence and composure.

Mock interviews may be videotaped so as to be able to check the performance as well as get feedback. It is common for job seekers to go through mock exercises to train for job interviews to attain self assurance. Mock interviews include job descriptions, interview questions, answer tips and interview resources as well as more specific interview questions about the job and company.

Mock interviews help to do away with discomfiture and enhance confidence levels. You get useful feedback and tips on improving performances. Mock interviews help you in the following areas:
  • Get the right answers to tough job interview questions and follow-up questions.
  • Give do’s and don’ts about preparing naturally rehearsed interviews.
  • Learn about interview follow-up tips.
  • Imbibe a planned manner for making presentation regarding your worthiness.
  • Instills confidence and composure in your performance.
  • Prepares you for what to ask the interviewers.
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