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Interview Questions


Nursing Interview Questions


Question for Professions

The nursing job interview is an important segment in the hunt for a nursing job. All applicants for a nursing position, as in other fields of work, undergo an interview that may land in either getting the job or frustration.

Good presentation skills in the interview process improve the chances of being hired. Preparations for a nursing interview may mean triumph in the job search. In preparing for the job interview, the applicant should put in order a list of references, extra copies of the resume and practice on a list of possible questions that can be asked during the interview. The following possible topics for the interview may serve as a helpful guide to the applicant.

The interview may start with personal questions about the nursing job candidate. The conversation during this phase of the interview oftentimes is restricted to work-related topics.

It is typical to ask about the applicant’s work experience. For instance, the interviewer may inquire about why the applicant left his previous job or jobs. A positive response to this kind of inquiry is encouraged. Also, questions may be asked on continuing education or what trainings the applicant has attended.

Knowledge about the hospital or the medical institution, in which the applicant is seeking to land a job, enhances the chances for making a better impression on the interviewer. This segment of the interview may include questions on the reasons for applying in the organization and whether the applicant has applications to work for other organizations.
During the course of the interview, focus will be made on the strengths and weaknesses of the job applicant. Questions may be asked to test the behavioral abilities of the applicant. The interviewer will want to know the applicant’s attitude towards work, his supervisors and co-workers, as well as his patients. This is to discover if the applicant has good work ethics.

The interviewer will also want to know if the applicant considers himself successful. The interviewer may inquire about the applicant’s goals and future plans. The applicant should be able to project himself as a person with good foresight who has a concrete career map.

Finally, the applicant should be dressed appropriately for the interview. He should appear pleasant and professional. The applicant should bear in mind that first impressions may form lasting ones to the interviewer.
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