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Interview Questions


Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions


Question for Professions

When we are speaking of the most lucrative and sought after career, the job that is usually referred to us is pharmaceutical sales. One good thing about this job that is not common to most jobs is the flexibility in work hours. It also promises big compensation and bonuses that is why a large number of people apply for this job. But before getting the job, there is a screening process that should be passed by every applicant and it includes an interview. The applicant should know some of the interview techniques for a better result. The well-prepared job applicant can predict some questions and can answer very well during the actual pharmaceutical sales interview. Different pharmaceutical companies are conducting this interview in basically the same process.

The aspiring pharmaceutical sales representative maybe asked to elaborate on the following topics or issues:
  1. The reason/s for choosing the pharmaceutical sales as a career. This is the most basic question in most interviews. Relevant answers to this type of question are very important to establish first impression.
  2. The next few questions may deal with the applicant’s current occupation. It is necessary to highlight the benefits of a pharmaceutical sales representative compared to the responsibilities of the current job. Expect follow-up questions to be asked regarding proof of your answer.
  3. Some questions may also be asked to determine whether the job seeker is a “job hopper.” When hired, a pharmaceutical sales representative undergoes training. The company will spend time, effort and resources for the new employee. This topic establishes that an applicant will not leave after a few months of working because the company had already spent so much on the training already.
  4. More questions maybe asked related to sales experience and may focus on the various aspects of previous pharmaceutical selling experience if any.
  5. Another could be the reason/s why the applicant believes that he will be a good pharmaceutical sales representative.
  6. Another is a discussion on the reason why a particular pharmaceutical enterprise was chosen. Usually, it may start with asking the applicant to give its basic knowledge about the company then proceed to the main discussion.
  7. Another point of discussion in the pharmaceutical sales interview is the time the applicant decided to choose the pharmaceutical sales as a job. Prove that the job as a pharmaceutical sales representative is right for the personality and work experience.
  8. Inquiries may also be asked on how the job will be a perfect job and be loved by the applicant.
Questions during a pharmaceutical sales interview are not limited to the topics mentioned. There are other general types of questions that might be asked. What is most important is that the applicant is prepared well before undergoing the interview.
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