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A Phone interview nowadays is used for identifying and recruiting candidates for employment. Through phone interviews, screening is made to narrow down the number of applicants who will be interviewed personally. Expenses are also minimized through phone interviews especially interviewing out-of-town job seekers.

For an applicant, it is always a plus to be prepared for a phone interview even on a short notice. A recruiter may ask the applicant for a few minutes for a phone interview. It is important to be on stand by at anytime to receive a phone call. The said phone call may determine the prospects of being hired.

Preparation for a phone interview is essentially the same as preparing for a regular or personal interview. A compilation of the strengths and weaknesses, list of typical interview questions and possible answers to the questions maybe obtained. It is also helpful to have a plan for a telephone conversation. Most topics and questions during a phone interview could be one of the following:
  1. Questions about the personal background and skills of the applicant.
  2. Questions concerning the applicant’s work history. The usual information such as name of the company, title of position and description, and the inclusive date of employment maybe asked.
  3. The job expectations and percentage of completion of a task or responsibility.
  4. The interviewer might also be interested in the responsibilities of the candidate in previous employment/s.
  5. In relation the previous companies worked for, levels of compensation might be also asked. How much is the salary when the applicant started and how much was it when he left.
  6. The interviewer might also solicit information on many other aspects of the applicant’s work history in the previous employments.
  7. Personal information of the applicant is a given fact for inclusion in an interview, in person or through phone interview.
  8. Work ethics and work attitude of the applicant may also be discussed in the interview.
  9. The interviewer can also tackle the challenges and problems encountered by the applicant in his/her previous employment, including the manner how the applicant handles each situation.
  10. The interview might also include discussion of the biggest accomplishments or failures in the previous employment of the applicant.
  11. Future career plans of the applicant can be discussed in a phone interview. Does the applicant gives importance to his new job? The goals for the next five or ten years can also be solicited by the interviewer.
  12. The salary preferences, both for the short-tem and long-tern basis.
There are many other questions or information that can be asked in a phone interview. The most importantly, the applicant should always prepare and be ready.Phone Interviews are usually unexpected interviews. Here are some phone interview tips to help you.
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