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Interview Questions


Tips on Technical Interview Questions


Question for Professions

Technical interviews are basically organized to test your analytical and problem solving skills. Most often these interviews consist of brainteasers, riddles and the likes designed especially to test your sound presence of mind and technical skills.

It is important here that you strike a sensible conversation with the interviewer, which would demonstrate your communication and analytical skills. It may also provide you with an opportunity to pick up clues as to what the interviewer actually expects from you during such an interview. For example, if the interviewer asks “How would you improve this pen?” a good first response might be, “What do you mean by improve?” because obviously, unless the pen is broken, there is no single correct answer for such a question.

In fact for such technical interviews, the interviewers are not necessarily interested in the correctness of your answer, rather the interest is mostly centered on the way you logically arrive to your answers and share your thought process along the way. They are also likely to be interested in your ability to ‘think outside the box’.
There may be infinite number of technical interview questions that you might be required to answer during such interviews, many of which might be sheer hypothetical questions without any single correct answer. However, there are a few standard questions that you may probably memorize to save yourself from last minute thoughts. For the hypothetical questions, you must be prepared enough to cook up some sensible answers, since that is precisely what technical interviews are meant for.

There are no standard set of questions that you can memorize for such technical interviews, but you can at least hone your analytical and problem-solving skills by practicing as many brainteasers, riddles and puzzles as you can get your hands on.
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