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Interview Questions


Tips & Guidelines for Successful Interviews


Question for Professions

In many ways, recruiting the right employee for your company can feel like purchasing an important element for your business. You need to take into account several factors and then determine which one offers you with the best of services in the least of amount spent.

Although the resumes provide you with enough information about the particular candidate, a face-to-face interview can provide a better insight into the candidate’s previous services and educational background. Here are some important interview tips for interviewers:

Tips for Interviewing Employees

1. Know before you start: A good interview starts with knowing exactly what you are looking for in the candidate i.e. you need to figure out exactly how the particular candidate will fit into the organization and which of his characteristics would effect the growth of the company. In this respect it is advisable to prepare a list of the essential technical requirements that you are looking for in the candidate, prior to the interview. In case more than one person will interview, make sure that the questions are appropriately split to avoid redundancy.

2. Get to the specifics: Most of the times the candidates give general answer to the questions unless they are asked to reply in detail. Therefore it is essential that you make use of statements like, “Tell me about a time.....” or “Give me an example...” and so on. This way you can accurately evaluate the candidate for his skills. You may even make use of hypothetical situations to do the same.

3. Heads up for illegal questions: It is formally illegal to ask questions about any subject that you can’t use as a condition of employment. This usually includes age, race, gender, religion, marital status and parental status. You must make sure that all the people involved in the interviewing process are well aware of these risky topics.
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