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Types of Job Interviews


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Though all job interviews are meant to serve the same purpose, it is approached differently by different organizations. Following are some of the common types of interviews organized by companies:

Screening Interview: Screening tools are used by companies to ensure that only the best qualified candidate reaches the stage of PI by the hiring authority. While some companies use computer programs to screen out less worthy candidates, others make use of humans.

Informational Interview: This kind of interview is stress free & is initiated by the job-seeker. This type is part of the “cold-calling” process whereby jobseekers & employer exchange information without any reference to a specific job opening.

Directed Interviews: This type of interview is used mainly for finding facts & qualifications. They follow a pre-defined format in which the interviewer has a clear agenda that he/she follows unflinchingly.

Non-Directed Interviews: A more informal type of interaction between the job seeker & the interviewer. The interviewee has got a relative independence to express his/her views freely. This type of a situation can be put to advantage by stressing about your strengths.

Stress Interview: These are meant to assess the psycho-mental capacities of the candidate & see his/her responses to adverse conditions. It is used mainly by the armed forces to see whether you can withstand the company culture, the clients or other potential stress.

Behavioral Interview: This is done to test the behavioral pattern during a particular situation to know about his/her future performance. Standardized methods are used to bring out the inherent qualities present in you related to your field of expertise.

Group Interview: This is mainly used to identify the leadership qualities in the prospective managers & the employees who will be interacting directly with the public. This is one of the most effective methods to assess a leader in the group.

Meandering Style: This type is generally used by relatively inexperienced interviewers. It leaves ample scope for the interviewee to have control over the interview & the direction it should take. This allows you to tactfully guide the discussion in a way that best suites you.

Mealtime Interview: This type of interview though organized in a very casual setting can be nerve-shattering for people who are not accustomed to this particular type of setting. The whole aim of this exercise is to assess the candidate’s behavior in a social setting.
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